Anniversary Booklet

To commemorate the 80th anniversary a booklet has been written with the information taken from the minutes of the first eighty years of the Association. Printed by Caxton Press, the booklet shares the events of the past. How the committee wanted to have their own rooms, how they spoke out against planned changes to the layout of Christchurch, how they supported the erection of memorials to those early settlers who gave so much to Canterbury, interesting anecdotes tell of their achievement. The booklet is for sale at $10 per copy with $1 P&P. Three booklets are able to be fitted into one envelope. If you would like one of these commemorative booklets please contact Secretary Lynne at any of the addresses at the beginning of the newsletter. There are limited number of copies so call Lynne to get your copy.

Looking Forward

Sunday, December 14, 2003 - Anniversary Day Church Service and Luncheon.
This year the church service will be held in St Mark's Presbyterian Church, Withells Road, Avonhead, commencing at 9.30 am. There will be a designated area for members to sit and the service will include a commemorative portion. There will be an area set aside for an anniversary display. If any members have items of historical interest they are invited to bring them to the church to add to the display. The service will be followed by morning tea. The luncheon following the service will be held at the Russley Golf Course, Memorial Avenue, at 12 noon. All members and friends are invited.

Please fill in and return your acceptance to Lydia, 64 Bentley Street, Russley 8004, or ph (03) 342-8278 by December 3, 2003.
If you have something you would like to donate to the Christmas Raffles please contact Diana Spence-McLellan (03) 358-3880.

We are presently organising the programme for next year and intend to have an outing one month followed by a quest speaker the next month. In February an outing is being planned for Sunday 22. There will be more information in the next newsletter due out early February.

March 21 will be the Annual General Meeting with a guest speaker. This will be held in the Lodge Hall, Brake Street, Upper Riccarton commencing at 2 pm.


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